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We're just getting started and have many more items to list. So keep an eye on our Deals.

We've experienced numerous delays in getting our website where we want it to be. It started back in February with my lengthy hospitalization due to a difficult to diagnose and treat bout of pneumonia. That was followed by months of tappering off prescribed steroids. (I'm still experiencing some bothersome side effects.)

Then, just a few weeks ago, Dan came down with a milder case of pneumonia. Ten days of pills, oxygen and rest got him back on his feet.

An aside to that, I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton's politics or life-style, but I pray that her pneumonia is more like Dan's than mine.

We've seen our first snow in the high country, the second-cutting of hay is almost complete, and in a couple of weeks the herd will be brought back down from summer pastures.

Still have a couple cords of firewood to split and stack, then we'll be ready for a turn into winter.

And it won't be long. The aspen at higher elevations already are turning gold.

I pray you and yours are in good health and enjoying the changing seasons.


Autumn in the Rockies

Mt. Shavano Homestead
An early autumn blanket of snow in the high country
25” high by 68” wide

This is a museum quality giclee on artist’s canvas of an original photo by Frank Allnutt. The rustic frame is hand-crafted with reclaimed wood.

Pictured is the southern region of the Collegiate Range of 14,000-foot high mountains in Colorado’s central Rockies. Mt. Shavano is at the left.

In the foreground are remnants of buildings and corrals of a once sprawling cattle ranch that are slowly giving way to the elements.


Floating Aspen Leaves
Museum quality giclee on canvas of a montage of images by Frank Allnutt.

Available in a variety of sizes, flat, gallery wrap, or mounted in a hand-crafted rustic frame.

Mt. Tabequache in Autumn
Museum quality giclee on canvas of a photo by Frank Allnutt.

Available in a variety of sizes, flat, gallery wrap, or mounted in a hand-crafted rustic frame.


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