"Many are called,
but few are chosen"

(Matthew 22:1-14)

If you are Chosen,
this booklet is for you.

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CONTENTS (New Additions are in bold)

The Old Creature in Adam and the New Creature in Christ
The New Heart Promised by God
The Chambers of the Heart
We are New Creatures, But We Do Not Always Act Like It

The Modes of the Heart
Varieties of Half-Hearted Christians
The Walk of the Half-Hearted Christian
The Hard-Hearted Christian
The Shallow-Hearted Christian
The Worldly or Fat-Hearted Christian
The Wounded or Broken-Hearted Christian
The Double-Hearted Christian
The Fruit of the Broken-Hearted Christian
The Fruit of the Fat-Hearted Christian
The Broken and Contrite-Hearted Christian
The Whole-Hearted Christian
The Spirit-Filled New Heart
Some Teachings of Jesus on Bearing Fruit for God
Appendix: The Bible’s Six Perspectives of Man




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