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While I was Walt Disney’s public relations manager at WED Enterprises back in the 1960s, I wrote news releases and information pieces about the many new projects then in development at WED and its fabrication facility, Mapo. I also created some slide presentations of the Imagineers' conceptual art which I presented to Chambers of Commerce and other interest groups.

I had a Disney reference library at my home office, consisting of material that I and others had written. Some of it ended up in museums, and with historians and collectors. But most of it I still have in storage. Pardon the pun, but rummaging through it all would be a collector’s Disneyland!

Though I left Disney two years after Walt passed (it was never the same without him), I still am asked a half century later to be interviewed by book and magazine writers...and to share some of those rare, historical documents.

To say they are extremely rare is not an over statement. Especially with regard to the news releases and information pieces. They are from the days before Xerox and desktop computers, scanners and printers. Back then, newspaper and magazine writers would cut and paste paragraphs from the news releases to edit and fit into their stories.

Those were such thrilling, golden days to be at WED. The Imagineers, some of them already Disney legends, spawned new Disney attractions for the New York World’s Fair and Disneyland; conceptualized and planned for Florida’s Walt Disney World—and for a skier’s dream of schussing the slopes at a place in California’s high Sierra called Mineral King. I found myself in the enviable position of being there as those projects evolved...and it was my job to help tell the world all about it.

Well, now the time has come to resurrect some of those historical items and put them on my website to share with Disney fans the world over. And this is just the beginning. And, as Walt might have said, “It will always be in a state of becoming.”

For starters, I am posting several illustrations from a storyboard for a new attraction at Walt Disney World. This is the first time these illustrations have been made available to the public.

Click Winnie The Pooh below to see them. Images are copyrighted.


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