Museum Quality Giclees of Dan Allnutt's Western Woodburning Art on Canvas
in Handcrafted Rustic Wood Frames

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All orders are custom-produced, one at a time (not mass-produced), with professional software, wide format printer, archival canvas and pigment inks.

Digital Imaging
Our digital imaging is a complex process that prepares the original photo for printing, and entails selecting the best color, canvas, and printing settings to produce museum quality giclees on canvas with rich and vivid colors that can be cherished with endearing legacy for a lifetime.

Our museum quality canvas has a matte surface that reduces glare and requires no glass framing. It is laboratory rated for more than 100 years of normal display life.

UltraChrome HDR Pigment Inks
Giclee prints are created with 10 Epson UltraChrome HDR pigment ink colors, with far greater color gamut (range) than photographic paper prints. Thus the process achieves rich and vivid colors that, when the art is properly displayed, the ink is lightfast for up to 200 years. Artwork is finished with lacquer that is formulated to give it added resistance to abrasion, moisture and fading due to UV light.

Ready to Hang in Handcrafted Rustic Wood Frame with Rope
Frames are handcrafted out of the same reclaimed rustic wood used with original woodburnings. Includes hanging hardward.

About the Artist
Dan Allnutt began creating western-theme woodburned pictures on pine more than two decades ago. Family and friends began buying his art. When he “retired” and moved from Denver to Salida Colorado in 2004. He began exhibiting his woodburning art at the prestigious Spirit Mountain Antler and Log Design. He has been a featured artist for Salida Art Walk since 2004. His art has been enthusiastically sought by locals and tourists as well. Dan now lives and works with his brother Frank on an historic cattle and hay ranch in the central Colorado Rockies.


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