In Search of a Superman
Frank Allnutt



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From the movies and comics
and the pages of ancient writings
come astonishing insights into
America's most popular super-hero!

Amazing discoveries from inside the movies and beyond!

  • Fascinating stories of mythical—and real—supermen!
  • Evidence that an ancient superman visited earth
  • Startling Prophecies of this superman's future return!

Limited number of rare, hard-to-find, never distributed copies from the author's personal collection. Originally published by Omni Books.

Mass Paper Back
141 pages

Some copies have scuffed metalic covers and slightly yellowed pages from ageing.



1 The Return of Superman

2 The Making of a Myth

3 The Search for Superman

4 Supermen in Mythology

5 Supermen in the Ancient Scriptures

6 Superman and the Messiah

7 Super Villains

8 Super Saints

9 The Return of the Real Superman

10 Krypton and the End of Planet Earth

11 Super You!


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