Blizzard Orphan

The Blizzard Orphan
Original Woodburning
Dan Allnutt

Original Art Size: 37.75" high by 26" wide:



Giclee Print With Handcrafted Rustic Wood Frame And Rope:


Overall Size: 24"h x 17"w

Original & Prints Sizes & Prices:

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A heavy spring snow can be downright dangerous for a newborn calf and its momma. And when the momma doesn’t pull through, either the weather or the critters will eventually get the calf. Unless such an orphan is found in time by a cowboy. The orphan might be adopted by a cow that has recently lost a calf or by a cow with her own calf that has enough milk for two and is willing to take on the orphan as her own. Other wise, the cowboy becomes the orphaned adoptive “Momma”, puts it in a secure barn or corral, and feeds it with a nipple bottle or bucket until it is weaned and can be reunited with the herd.





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