"Cookie" And His Chuck Wagon
Original Woodburning by Dan Allnutt

Size: Approx. 20"high by 26"wide:
Overall Size: 17"h x 22.75"w



Original & Prints Sizes & Prices:

Giclée Print in Handcrafted Rustic Wood Frame With Rope: $199
This woodburning was created on rough-sawed lumber reclaimed from the ranch house built in the 1860s.

After the Civil War, army-surplus wagons were modified to carry food, cooking equipment and other necessities to suit the needs of cowboys on cattle drives and for wagon trains of settlers heading out West. At the back of the wagon are drawers and shelves for storage space and a hinged lid that drops down to provide a flat food-preparation surface. A barrel of drinking water was hung from a side of the wagon, along with canvas bag for firewood.




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