Frank tilts the squeeze chute during branding days

Frank Allnutt attended the University of Denver on vocal music and athletic grants (diver on DU's champion swim team), and earned his B.A. Degree in Radio-Television-Film in 1965. He went on to study Public Relations and Journalism at UCLA not long after he began working for Walt Disney Productions (now the Walt Disney Company).

He began his career in the Publicity Department at the Walt Disney Studio. He went on to become Public Relations Manager of WED (Walt E. Disney) Enterprises (now Walt Disney Imagineering), Walt's planning and development firm for Disneyland, Walt Disney World in Florida, and his proposed Mineral King winter sports development in the California Sierra.

As Disney's spokesperson for those and other Disney projects, he spoke to organizations and interest groups throughout California and maintained favorable relations with members of the news media world-wide.

Following Walt's passing, Frank established his own public relations and advertising agency in Newport Beach, California. That led him into Christian television and film production, book and magazine publishing.

He is the author of numerous Christian books, including several bestsellers, among them, The Force of Star Wars.

Frank has provided public relations and mass communications services to Christian organizations throughout his career. His biography has been published in numerous publications in the United States and other countries, including biographical reference books, such as The International Who's Who of Intellectuals, Personalities of the Americas, The International Book of Honor, and a score of others.

Frank's home is an historic working cattle and hay ranch in the central Rocky Mountains near Salida, Colorado. He enjoys having family living nearby. He continues his interests in Bible study, writing, photography and art.


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