Antique Domestic Rotary Sewing Machine Series 153

Offered by Frank Allnutt.

Serial Number: 153-22492.

Manufactured date is unknown.

For display, repair, or parts.


The glossy varnished solid wood cabinet has beautiful hand painted flowers on the lid, as well as on the outside and inside of the swing-out front panel that supports the fold-down table.

I’ve not been able to find a similar cabinet on the web. Were the paintings done at the factory, or were they done by the owner? I have no idea.

Surprising for a cabinet this old, there are but a few scratches.

More than two dozen bobbins, accessories, needles and tools, including a button hole maker (pictured to the left of the open blue case).

I have sewn on the machine, however, it is in need of thorough servicing and repair. The balance wheel has some pits, and at least two parts that I know of need replacing—the rubber-ringed drive wheel from the motor to the balance wheel, as well as the bobbin winder wheel. The lower tension may be in need of repair. There may or may not be additional undetected condition issues. Notice that the instruction booklet is tattered. But it’s readable.

This sewing machine and included items are offered as is, as pictured (with exception of thread spools).

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