February 13, 2015

A famous Gray Wolf is accidentally killed
Frank Allnutt

Nameless, but bearing the US Fish and Wildlife Service number “914F,” she wandered from her Wyoming home to the Grand Canyon in Arizona last fall, likely searching for food or a mate. According to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle the wolf's quest came to a sad end when a hunter thought it was a coyote and shot it to death. “It is nothing short of a tragedy that this wolf’s journey across the west was cut short,” the paper quoted Eva Sargent, a director for Defenders of Wildlife. “This brave and ambitious female gray wolf…had already become a symbol of what gray wolf recovery should look like: animals naturally dispersing to find suitable habitat.” The USFWS has posted this photo by Bruce Ellerts. Whether it’s of 914F, I don’t know. But it’s a beautiful picture of one of the most famous animals of the western U.S. Click here to read the Spirit of the Wolf, according to Cherokee legend. _______________

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