Frank Allnutt 
Adapted from
In My Enemy's Camp
by Josef Korbel
with Frank Allnutt

36 pages, 4" x 7"


This is an inspiring true story of humble Salvation Army officer and a lunatic facing execution in a Communist prison, and how the insane man was healed and set free through the power of God's Word and His love.

Salvation Army Brigadier Josef Korbel was arrested in September 1949 by Communist agents in his home in Czechoslovakia. Taken away from his wife and three young children, he was imprisoned for more than a decade because of his “dangerous...religious influence.” His “crime”? He was the leader of a Salvation Army youth band which played Christian hymns and witnessed for Jesus Christ to passersby.

I was blessed to collaborate with Joe in writing and publishing his life story. It was published in 1976 with the title, In My Enemy’s Camp. The introduction was written by Brother Andrew. Long out of print, you can search the internet for old copies for sale.

Josef wrote in the book’s preface:

I am grateful to the Lord that I can write about my past without bitterness or feelings of hostility. I have deep compassion for all those unhappy people who caused so much cruelty and injustices because of their spiritual darkness. God gave me the grace in those days to forgive them all and sincerely pray for their salvation.

This book is not to be propaganda against any political ideology. Nor should it arouse hate and hostility in the hearts of readers.... My wish and prayer is that this book might be a testimony of the greatness and faithfulness of God....

Miroslav is one of many stories Joe shared with me as we wrote his book. Miroslav, a cell mate of Joe’s in a Communist prison in Czechoslovakia, was a lunatic who faced execution because of his resistance against the Communist takeover of his homeland. This booklet retells the story of how he was healed and set free through the power of the Word of God.

Today, unknown multitudes are imprisoned around the world. And multitudes more experience other kinds of “bondages”—to harmful addictions and habits such as drugs and pornography. Others are enslaved to painful memories and debilitating feelings of guilt, shame, and fear.

But there is hope!

Jesus Christ is still setting captives free and healing broken hearts! His miraculous liberation and healing are available to all who place their complete trust in Him and choose to exchange the insufficiency of their own strength for the total sufficiency of His.

May this short story of Miroslav give you a new hope.

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