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First Edition (1977)

Co-published by
Fleming H. Revell (Spire)
and Bible Voice
Mass Paper (4" x 7")
202 pages
Signed by auhor on request.


(Limited Time)


1 The Secret of Star Wars' Popularity
2 The Rise and Fall of the Republic
3 The Force of Star Wars
4 The Fallen Star
5 The Creatures from Other Worlds
6 The Morning Star
7 The Treacherous Betrayal
8 The Supreme Sacrifice
9 The New Alliance
10 The Daring Mission
11 The Demonic Duo
12 The Time of Chaos
13 The War of the Worlds
14 The Invasion from Outer Space
Best-selling author Frank Allnutt offers this extremely rare, mint condition collector's copy of his classic Christian commentary on the Star Wars® movies.

Here is a fascinating interpretation of the meaning and significance of Star Wars.

Frank delves beyond the science fiction veneer and into the obscure symbolism of these films to show us both the contrasts and fantastic parallels with history's real Star Wars, the True Force, a remnant of real Jedi, and an outline of world history that will culminate with an invasion from outer space.

More exciting than fiction could ever be, Frank Allnutt's commentary explains in story-like marrative why the world is the way it is, what the exciting future holds in store, and how you can become a true Jedi and learn to walk in the ways of the True Force!

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