In Search of a Superman
Frank Allnutt




From the movies and comics
and the pages of ancient writings
come astonishing insights into
America's most popular super-hero!

Amazing discoveries from inside the movies and beyond!
Fascinating stories of mythical—and real—supermen!
Evidence that an ancient superman visited earth
Startling Prophecies of this superman's future return!

Limited number of rare, hard-to-find, never distributed copies from the author's personal collection. Originally published by Omni Books. This book might not reflect Frank Allnutt's interpretation of Scriptures today.Mass Paper Back
141 pages
Some copies have scuffed metalic covers and slightly yellowed pages from ageing.

1 The Return of Superman
2 The Making of a Myth
3 The Search for Superman
4 Supermen in Mythology
5 Supermen in the Ancient Scriptures
6 Superman and the Messiah
7 Super Villains
8 Super Saints
9 The Return of the Real Superman
10 Krypton and the End of Planet Earth
11 Super You!

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