Cry of the
Wounded Soldier

Faciful & Inspirational Novel by
Frank Allnutt



Cry of the Wounded Soldier is a fanciful and inspirational mystery inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It is written by Frank Allnutt, author of the classic Christian commentary, The Force of Star Wars. Contains brief graphic war narrative. Parental discretion is advised.

In the early years of his ministry, Desmond Morehouse was a rising star among evangelical preachers. But now, a widower in his autumn years, the haunting secrets of his World War Two past have become a nemesis he can no longer repress.

In the first of several flashbacks, we find a younger Desmond—a frightened American soldier on a cold and muddy battlefield, somewhere in France in World War Two. It was a moonless and foggy night, and his first exposure to the horrifying realities of combat.

Over the years, that night and what followed slowly ate away at his heart, robbing him of the joy of being a child of God. Now a fading television evangelist, his life has deteriorated even deeper into his wounded heart's frustrations and conflicts within his ministry and in personal relationships.

We find the weary old pastor, alone in his study, writing a sermon in the darkened and empty church, as an ominous thunder storm rages through the night. Weary from writing, he takes a break. Over tea and cookies, he opens the rare vintage edition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, given to him that day by Bert, a cheerful, talkative old World War Two buddy. He begins reading, but soon falls asleep.

The Pastor is awakened by a mysterious visitor named Jonathan. He has been sent to guide the Pastor through a Dickensesque adventure to see himself through the eyes of those who loved him—and were hurt by him. And dread upon dread, he must return to that night.

Jonathan and Bert provide moments of levity as the Pastor discovers ancient liberating truths about his past and future, and who he really is in Christ.


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