Antique White Rotary Sewing Machine
In "Martha Washington" Cabinet

Serial Number FR 309796. "FR" stands for "Family Rotary." Last patent date listed on the machine is 1913. I could not find a manufacture date.
For display, repair, or parts.


A long ago owner painted this sewing machine cabinet green. The more recent owner began but never completed paint removal and refinishing. Some traces of green remain in hard to reach places. Even so, the paint removal revealed that the totally laminated wood cabinet still retains its structural integrity: There is no warping or splitting to be conserned about. However, the unfinished surface of the top reveals some stains.I decided to leave it up to the new owner to choose how they want to refinish the cabinet.
The White’s head is raised by opening the lid. Attached to the lid is a pull cable that raises and locks the head in the upright position. This takes much less effort than the conventional designs of the time that required grasping the lowered head with both hands and raising it.

The decals are in incrdibly good condition. This indicates that the machine had very little use during its active years. A rare find collectors look for

The motor is located on the right rear of the machine. One wire is totally missing. New wiring is a must to make the machine serviceable.

There are two deep “pockets,” as I refer to them, on either side of the cabinet that can be used for storing accessories and other items.

Condition issues: As previously mentioned, the cabinet needs refinishing. Also, wiring needs replaced. The knee throttle, located on the left side under the cabinet, appears to have missing parts.I have no way of knowing if the motor works or if there are other mechanical issues. Therefore, the machine is sold as is. This antique White sewing machine and included items are offered as pictured.Purchase can be made with the above shopping cart through PayPal, or it can be purchased when picked up at our place near Salida, Colorado.

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