A Whole Lotta Livin'

Photo and poem by Frank Allnutt
(Appears on Giclée Certificate of Authenticity
and back of Greeting Card.)

“A cowboy don’t throw out a good pair o’ boots until they’s plumb wore out and even a good cobbler cain’t fix ’em no more. Darned if I know who wore them ol’ boots. Ain’t much to look at these days, but they got a story to tell. ’Course I don’t know ’bout all that, but I’ll tell ya sure as shootin’ that ol’ cowboy who wore ’em did a whole lotta livin’ in ’em. From the looks o’ things, I reckon he wore them boots fer some hard ridin’ on long trail rides and roundups, and fer brandin’ calves and fixin’ fences—in rain and snow and corral muck ankle deep. And them fancy boots hint somethin’ else to me: on payday that ol’ boy most likely hopped on his cayuse and high-tailed it into town for a little foot-stompin’ fun with the good-time girls at some honky-tonk. Well, like I said: I don’t know ’bout all that. But them ol’ boots sure as shootin’ has seen a whole lotta livin’. I’d bet my boots on it.”—Frank Allnutt

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