March 11, 2019



I agree with Farah that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is no joke. It’s serious stuff. The truth of it should be understood by all who call themselves “Christian”.

But I don’t agree with all that Farah writes about the Second Coming.

For sometime now, his religious precepts have ignited heated debate among professing Christians of many stripes. And I suspect that his above article will add more fuel to the fire.

Especially on his particular views of the Millennium, God’s Kingdom, A Pre-Trib Rapture, a 7-Year Great Tribulation, and a “new earth” in the form of a reconstituted and idyllic Garden of Eden.

Is Farah in sync with the Bible on those topics?

To gain some insight, I urge you to open your Bible and prayerfully consider what I reveal in my FREE-TO-READ short book, “The Antichrist.”


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