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The Whole-Hearted

by Franklin Allnutt

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Why do some Christians live in freedom and victory?
...and others live in bondage and defeat?

In the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans, he lamented over the dilemma of his earlier life when he tried in vain to live up to the precepts of his Jewish religion. (Romans 7:15)

Like the pre-cross apostle Paul, why do we Christians sometimes fail to do what we want to do, and instead do the very things we really do not want to do?

Actually, Jesus Christ, along with the Apostle Paul, and other writers of the Bible, offer a composite, definitive doctrine of whole-hearted living in contrast with half-hearted living. Not their own doctrines, understand, but God’s doctrine.

And, if we are willing to listen and learn from them, the truths they share can carry us far away from the sophistry of our times and into the truth and freedom of what it means to be a whole-hearted new creature in Christ.

My heart illustrations are designed to help readers better understand some of the more abstract biblical descriptions of the critical hidden or invisible spiritual aspects of man.

Printed and eBook images are black & white. Color Slides not available at present.


Illustrations Index
The Whole-Hearted Christian
God’s Perspectives of Man
The "First Man," Adam
The "Second Man," Jesus
The New Creature in Christ
The New Heart Promised by God
The New Creature Became a Reality Through the Cross
A Closer Look Inside the Christian's New Heart
The Chamber Parts of the Heart
The Spirit Chamber-Part
The Soul Chamber-Part
Two Ways of Living
New Creatures in Christ Do No Always Act Like It
The Modes of the Heart
Sin Divides the Heart's chambers and Love Unites Them
God Searches the Heart
The Truth Will Make You Free
Varieties of Half-Hearted Christians
The Hard-Hearted Christian
The Shallow-Hearted Christian
The Double-Hearted Christian
The Fat-Hearted or Worldly Christian
The Fruit of the Fat-Hearted Christian
The Broken-Hearted or Wounded Christian
The Broken and Contrite-Hearted Christian
The Whole-Hearted Christian
The Spirit-Filled New Heart
Some Teachings of Jesus on Bearing Fruit for God

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