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by Frank Allnutt

With today’s world in chaos, some are wondering if the Restrainer has set Satan free—for a short time—to give his power and throne and great authority to the man Bible prophecy calls the Antichrist.

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It was hardly coincidence that Bob Munger and I had lunch on a particular day, back in 1976. Bob, a partner in a Hollywood advertising agency, and I had gotten together to talk over plans for producing a television special for Brother Andrew (aka "God's Smuggler")—but was that the only reason? No, there was more, much more. Because, as I learned over lunch that day, Bob had conceived the idea for the movie "The Omen." Then he put together the development financing package for the film. Twentieth Century-Fox—one of three interested studios—produced it.

Since the movie is based on prophecies in the Bible's Book of Revelation about the Antichrist, and since I had just published a book on the same subject ("Kissinger: Man of Destiny?"), we both knew that our meeting was more than coincidence. We were compelled to carry out the same mission: to warn the world about the coming of Antichrist: Only our approaches were different. Bob’s was to use the medium of film in telling a story of fiction about the Antichrist as a boy. Mine was to write a commentary on Bible prophecies of the Antichrist in light of current events and world conditions.

"The Omen" was released on June 6, 1976, at six o’clock, and skyrocketed to become the nation’s leading box-office spectacle.

I wrote a review of the film for the Christian magazine "Logos Journal," but there was much more to be said. I knew then what I had to do: I had to write a book—a scriptural “sequel,” if you will, to "The Omen."

Then came definite confirmation that meeting Bob Munger was no coincidence, but that a supernatural plan was unfolding. No sooner had I outlined my commentary on "The Omen," than I met a publishing executive. That meeting, which was to discuss entirely different matters, led to the publishing of my book "Antichrist: After The Omen," by Fleming H. Revell Company. Soon afterwards it was published by Bible Voice, Inc., with an all-new cover and the shortened title: "After The Omen."

My book, "The Antichrist," pictured above, is derived from "After The Omen." But it is not about Munger's movie "The Omen"; rather, it is about the Bible's prophecies about the coming Antichrist.

Now, in my booklet, "The Antichrist," pictured above, you will discover the amazing Bible prophecies about the Antichrist as a grown man, prophecies that might be fulfilled in your lifetime. This book underscores the urgency for every Christian to know and heed the warnings of Bible prophecy: Prepare! Antichrist is coming!t” is a technical Bible term translated from New Testament Greek into English. It literally means “anointed one” (of God). In the Old Testament the English translation of the Hebrew word for “anointed one” is Messiah. So, both Christ and Messiah have the same meaning; both refer to Jesus as the anointed one of God. Jesus prophesied that there would appear many “false Christs” and “false prophets.” They will appear to show “great signs and wonders,” He said, “so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect” (see Matthew 24:24).

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