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Cry of the
Wounded Soldier

An eNovel by
Frank Allnutt
author of the bestseller,
"The Force of Star Wars"

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"A Rare Gem...a novel about the spiritual awakening of a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge."
Desmond Morehouse had long been a popular TV preacher. But now he was a crotchety old pastor who secretly would give anything to forget his haunting past. Anything, that is, except his iron-fisted self-will.

It began decades ago, on a dark and stormy night in World War II—a night of horror and death on the battlefield that left the Pastor burdened with fear, guilt and shame. 

Over the years, his shameful secret slowly ate away at his heart and robbed him of the joy of being a child of God. Now a fading television evangelist in his autumn years, his life has deteriorated into endless frustrations and conflicts.

As an ominous thunder storm rages through the night, Pastor Morehouse settles down to read a favorite novel—Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.The rare vintage edition was a recent gift from Bert, a World War II buddy (and bothersome reminder of that long ago night of horror).

The Pastor soon is overtaken by sleep, only to be awakened by a mysterious visitor named Jonathan. He has come to guide the pastor into a Dickensesque adventure through which the troubled old man is taken back in time to see himself through the eyes of those who loved him and were hurt by him, and to relive that horrible night of fear and guilt.

Thanks to Bert and Jonathan, the Pastor discovers the ancient truth about his redemptive past and who he is in Christ.

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1 Attack of the Dust Devil

2 The Mask of Deceit

3 An Unforgivable Sin

4 Through a Mirror Dimly

5 The Man with One Arm

6 Thunder and Darkness

7 The Unwelcome Stranger

8 In the Heavenly Realm

9 The Den of Sin

10 The Eerie Engagement Dance

11 Wounded Soldiers

12 A Message from the Grave

13 Return of the Betrayed

14 That Night

15 Golgotha

16 The Awakening

17 A New Day

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