The 40th Anniversary of Star Wars

by Frank Allnutt

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars®. Back in 1977, motion picture trade magazines predicted that Star Wars would become the all-time, top-grossing picture in box-office history.

And indeed it did, beating out such blockbusters as Jaws, The Godfather, The Sound of Music, and Gone with the Wind.

In Christian publishing, my pioneering book, The Force of Star Wars, was the 19th best-selling book of 1977.

And it had only been on the market for the last five months of the year. Almost all of my books were sold off Continue reading >>

The Old West

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Frederic Remington's
The Smoke Signal
A Whole Lotta Livin' The End of the Trail
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"The End of The Trail"

The Historian Frederic Remington's
A Dash for the Timber
Frederic Remington's
The Blanket Signal
Frederic Remington's
A Map in the Sand




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