Before Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" series, there was...

The Peacemaker
A novel by Frank Allnutt


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Published by Bible Voice (1977)
Mass Paper Back
155 pages
Only reporter Bob Woodson could stop the assassination
of the next President of the United States.
But should he?

"The 'Left Behind' series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins is a take-off on your book, The Peacemaker. I hope they share their royalties with you!"—(name withheld)

Some called the Middle East Peace Treaty a miracle. Now, the Peacemaker was about to become President of the United States.

Was it only an uncanny series of coincidences which was propelling Secretary of State Alfred K. Kiefer toward the White House? Or was there indeed a conspiracy?

TV reporter Bob Woodson didn't know.

The first anonymous letter called Kiefer the Bible's Antichrist. But Bob dismissed it as the ravings of some "religious nut." Then came the assassination threat against Kiefer. At first reporter Bob Woodson couldn't report it—because of his love for Susan. But later—too much later—no one would listen. Now, only Bob could stop the assassination. But should he? Time was running out.

This book reflects Frank Allnutt's interpretation of Scriptures in 1977. See his recent publication, Antichrist.

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