Omen After The Omen

Frank Allnutt


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"The Omen: It's one of the biggest box office successes in the history of 20th Century Fox. When you read this book you will know why The Omen is based on truth. When I originated the idea for The Omen, I knew we could only give a few clues in the movie yet here are the complete answers. I wish everyone who sees The Omen could read Frank Allnutt's incisive explanation."—Robert L. Munger, Hollywood

Damien the Antichrist

... secrets revealed

... his destiny determined

Based completely on the original 1976 movie—more exciting than fiction could ever be—proof that Bible prophecy would indeed come to pass. Here's the truth about the origin of the Antichrist and how his abortive Satanic mission will proceed to develop, exactly as prophesied in the Bible. This startling book traces his life after "The Omen."

1 You Have Been Warned
2 When the Jews Return to Zion
3 When a Comet Rips the Sky
4 The 666 Connection
5 From the Eternal Sea He Rises
6 The Monstrous King
7 The Man of "Peace"
8 When the Holy Roman Empire Rises
9 The Ten-Horn Conspiracy
10 The Day of the Beast
11 The Man Who Would Be God
12 "Creating Armies on Either Shore"
13 The Death of the Dictator
14 Don't Ignore the Warning

Through published four decades ago, a few of these never distributed books remain in the author's private collection. Some covers show slight scuffing, age-yellowed page edges, and a few have small price stickers on the cover.

This book might not reflect Frank Allnutt's interpretation of Scriptures today.

Originally published by Fleming H. Revell Co.and Bible Voice.

Mass Paper Back
154 pages

Read Frank's sequel to "The Omen"!
Only one person could stop the assassination of the next President...but should he?


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